Swiss Hotel Company Offers Luxury Coronavirus Quarantine Package for Global Elite

A Swiss hotel company is offering a new vacation package targeted to wealthy clientèle seeking to isolate themselves from the global Chinese coronavirus in luxury and comfort.

Le Bijou is offering what they’re terming the Covid-19 Service. The package includes a stay at one of the company’s luxury hotels in Basel, Geneva, Zurich, under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

Coronavirus tests will be available for $500. Twice-daily nurse check-ins will be available for $1,200, with full round-the-clock medical supervision for $4,800.

An article on the luxury quarantine isolation package by the Seattle Times seems to ignore the question of potential poor taste of the luxury quarantine package, which ensures that the global elite can isolate themselves from the global epidemic in lavish surroundings. Le Bijou targeted their services to a crowd of Davos elites before the global epidemic disrupted the travel industry, being frequented by Saudi royals, Apple executives, and other powerful individuals.

A pitch for the package on Le Bijou’s website promises a luxury hotel experience “without the other hotel guests.

Some global elites have taken a desire to segregate themselves from the broader public to even greater levels. A California construction company that specializes in building luxury isolation survival bunkers has reported a great increase in business as major sectors of the economy shut down, offering construction of the state-of-the-art doomsday bunkers at a hefty price tag of $8.25 million.

The bunkers are said to include movie theaters, shooting ranges, and swimming pools. They’re entirely out of the price range of 99% of Americans, who will be forced to fend for themselves should the pandemic prove to destabilize the rule of law and governing structures.

Conservatives should recognize that millions of dollars are being wasted on such vain luxury consumption in an era of mass pandemic. There’s a compelling case that such resources should be marshaled for the collective benefit of the people, instead of being wasted on gaudy survival bunkers and luxury hotel quarantine packages.

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