Taliban Arrives in Kabul as Afghan President Surrenders and Hands Over Country Over to the Islamic Radicals

The Taliban has arrived in the Afghan city of Kabul after reclaiming the country very quickly, showing exactly how abysmal the American war effort had been in that country.

The Telegraph is reporting that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is going to resign and hand the entire country over to the Taliban, who are expected to form an interim government:

Additionally, there has been virtually no resistance against the Taliban reclaiming the nation. All of the nonsense that had been spread by the Western media about the liberation of Afghanistan turned out to be complete fiction. The Taliban are being treated as conquering heroes after a 20-year occupation by a loathed foreign power.

The Biden regime is doing their best Baghdad Bob impression, claiming that the Afghan occupation was a victory despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

“It’s why we had forces on hand – to make sure we could do this in a safe and orderly fashion. The compound itself, folks are leaving there and going to the airport,” said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explaining why it is perfectly fine that U.S. forces are abdicating the U.S. Embassy, adding that “this is not Saigon.”

The Afghanis who helped the U.S. on the ground are feeling betrayed, as many former allies of the military-industrial complex have found out over the years. After his usefulness ran out, he and his family are being discarded and left to experience brutality from Islamic extremists.

“The president of the United States said, ‘As you stood with us, we will stand with you’. So right now, where are they?” said an Afghani who goes by the alias of “Omar.”

“There’s no mercy for the linguists,” he added. “The Taliban has said before, interpreters were the eyes and ears of the Americans – so the punishment will be different for us.

“As an interpreter I saved many American lives. So, they’ve really left me behind. Now I’m about to be killed, as is my family,” Omar lamented.

Feminists are terrified at the prospect of Taliban rule, which is imminent and will roll back a lot of the progress achieved by U.S. military conquest for women’s rights in the region:

One clip illustrates the Taliban’s stance on women’s rights quite perfectly:

There is now a push for “refugees” to be taken in from Afghanistan and other war zones, right as the jails are being emptied by the Taliban of potential Islamic terrorists:

While the absolute victory of the Taliban may be embarrassing for the Biden regime and America in general, it was only inevitable that this was going to happen once the U.S. finally abdicated the region, having failed decisively in their war effort many years ago.

The Afghanistan Papers, released by the Washington Post but frozen out of news cycles to make more time for Trump/Russia conspiracy theories, revealed in 2019 how Pentagon brass knew the Afghanistan war was a lost cause for years but lied to the public to protect their power, prestige, and secure cushy jobs with defense contractors making a killing off endless war:

A report released by the Washington Post on Monday has confirmed the obvious: officials in the deep state and the intelligence community have been deliberately lying to the public about the war in Afghanistan for many years.

Journalists perused 2,000 pages of interviews obtained due to a Freedom of Information Act request. In those documents, they discovered that influential U.S. officials have known that the war was a losing effort for years. These perspectives were largely suppressed to the public so the agenda preferred by the military-industrial complex could continue.

“If the American people knew the magnitude of this dysfunction … 2,400 lives lost. Who will say this was in vain?” said retired Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, who advised former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama on Afghanistan policy, in a Feb. 2015 interview.

Bob Crowley, a former counterinsurgency adviser in Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014, noted that the “truth was rarely welcome” within a military bureaucracy that “just wanted to hear good news, so bad news was often stifled.”

“Every data point was altered to present the best picture possible,” Crowley said. “Surveys, for instance, were totally unreliable but reinforced that everything we were doing was right, and we became a self-licking ice cream cone.”

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis confirmed that Pentagon brass and other interventionist officials knew the war was unwinnable, but knowingly perpetrated lies and allowed troops to die needlessly for a lost cause.

“This stuff has been known,” Davis said.

“It was known at all levels,” he added. “They have known from the beginning that the war was unwinnable, but they continued to say the exact opposite.”

“How many more men still have to die before we finally do the right thing?” he asked.”

The Taliban’s success should show Americans the ills of an interventionist foreign policy, which has failed in humiliating fashion for many decades. Perhaps this is why the deep state is bringing the war effort home, exploiting Jan. 6 as their Reichstag Fire, to be used against Trump supporters now that the terrorists have clearly won abroad. 

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