Tanker Truck Driver Beaten By Rioters, Then Arrested After Driving Through Crowd of Minneapolis Highway Rioters

A truck driver who drove through a blockade of rioters on Minneapolis’ 35W bridge has been arrested Sunday, even though no one appears to have been seriously injured.

The man proceeded to the blockade where rioters were physically blocking the way, stopping when it became apparent he couldn’t proceed without colliding with them.

Rioters can be seen congregating around the man’s truck. Some throw projectiles at the cab, and as the crowd surrounding the truck cab grows larger, the driver slowly accelerates. It’s entirely plausible that he feared for his life as a crowd of riotous protestors that numbered in the thousands surrounded him.

Several rioters can be seen getting onto the cab and the storage tank attached to the truck, with one man appearing to block the driver’s field of vision and possibly striking the windshield of the cab.

DPS Commissioner John Harrington estimates that between 5,000 and 6,000 rioters were on the bridge blocking traffic at the time that the truck drove through.

The state law enforcement agency later confirmed that they’ve arrested the man who was driving the truck, but none of the protestors actively attacking his vehicle appear to have been arrested as of Sunday night. The crowd was later dispersed from the highway through the use of teargas.

Claims from the rioters emerged on Twitter alleging that the truck driver killed or hurt people through his approach on the 35W highway, but authorities maintained that no one had been seriously injured in the incident Sunday night.

Watch the dramatic situation here:

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