Target Launches “Chest Binders” And “Packing Underwear” For Transgender Shoppers

Pride month is just around the corner, and Target is showing that its brand proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community by selling breast binders and packing underwear as part of its latest clothing collection.

Of course, this is not out of the norm for the retailer, which is notorious for new and original splashy, rainbow-colored clothing that is supposed to represent the LGBTQ+ movement – especially during June.

Target’s pride collections normally target kids, and in recent years, even babies. But this year is destined to be different, as the retailer is now specifically catering to the trans community.

The new line includes items like a binder, which is used to bind one’s chest, as well as packing underwear, which is worn by those who have not yet undergone surgery to help flatten the appearance of their genitals.

“As binders and gender-affirming swimsuits are notoriously difficult to find (particularly in extended sizes), this accessible drop will make shopping for everyday garments much easier,” Bustle, a woke, Park-Avenue fashion magazine reported.

There are also T-shirts with slogans like “They Them Theirs” and “Gender Is Over If You Want It To Be.” The collection ranges in sizes from XS to 4X.

This year’s pride collection comes after Target updated its store policies last year to be more inclusive of transgender customers. The changes included the use of gender-neutral pronouns by employees and the use of single-stall bathrooms in all stores.

“At Target, we believe everyone deserves to feel like they belong, and our new gender-inclusive product collection is one way we are making that possible for our guests,” said Rick Gomez, Target’s chief marketing officer, in a press release.

“We want everyone who shops with us to feel welcomed and respected. Our expanded assortment helps demonstrate that Target stands with the LGBTQIA+ community,” he continued.

Critics of Target and its nauseating woke and inclusivity efforts were quick to point out that the company was now selling products that could be harmful to children.

“This is child abuse,” said conservative commentator Matt Walsh on Twitter. “A major corporation is now selling children’s clothes that are designed to help them maim and deform their own bodies.”

“This is child abuse, and anyone who denies it is enabling it,” he stated.

Walsh also noted how Target has been particularly aggressive in its woke marketing campaigns as of late.

Others on social media also noted how Target has been ramping up its inclusivity efforts. And more specifically, its efforts aimed at young children.

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