Tariq Nasheed Posts Photo Alleging Covington Catholic Students Wore Blackface, Easily Proven Wrong

Anyone who is familiar with the work of black supremacist Tariq Nasheed knows that he is at the forefront of almost every “racist” event in America, crying foul against evil white people everywhere. Nothing has changed with Nasheed in 2019, as he attacked the boys from Covington Catholic High School on Monday afternoon, well after many normal people came to their senses and realized that the students were unfairly smeared by the media¬†stemming from an incident in Washington, D.C. last Friday.

“Here’s a 2015 photo of ‘s fine, upstanding student body clad in blackface at one of their basketball games harassing an opposing Black player,” he Tweeted.

A few things to note.

First, Covington Catholic’s school colors are blue and white. It is not uncommon for fans of sporting events to do “blackout” games, where the whole stadium dresses in black. If that were the case, and these were Covington Catholic students at a “blackout” game, then the kids were obviously not dressed in blackface as Nasheed claimed.

Most importantly, though, the player whom Nasheed says is being “harassed” (some call this cheering) is wearing a “Clark County” jersey. There is a Clark County, Kentucky, but after looking up the records on MaxPreps, which keeps track of these sorts of things, Covington County did not compete against a team from Clark County, home or away, in either the 2014-2015 season or the 2015-2016 season.

Covington did play Clark County’s High School named George Rogers in their season opener of the 2011-2012 season, but as already explained it was simply a “black out” that had everything to do with school spirit and nothing with race.

The lengths to which the political left will go to smear innocent children is beyond comprehension.

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