Ted Cruz Asks Donald Trump to Campaign for him in Texas

During a campaign event in support of his reelection as Texas’s United States Senator, conservative heavyweight Ted Cruz confirmed that he was ready and willing to campaign with President Trump in an interview with the Houston Chronicle. “I would certainly welcome his support, and I hope to see him in Texas,” said Cruz about his onetime rival in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries. “I think we are likely to see the President down in Texas before the election.” Trump already endorsed Cruz for reelection when speaking to the National Rifle Association’s convention in Dallas in May.

Seeing Trump campaign for his former nemesis would represent a major turnaround from the acrimonious relationship the two shared in the vicious battle for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016, when barbs ranging from accusing Trump of being a member of the mafia to bestowing the monkier of ‘Lyin’ Ted’ were exchanged between one another. After Cruz declined to endorse the eventual winner at the 2016 GOP convention, the relationship began to heal when the Texas senator issued a last-minute endorsement of Trump for President in September of 2016.

Cruz faces a challenge from Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke, a leftist progressive perhaps only notable for his insistence on impeaching President Trump for having the audacity to conduct negotiation with Vladimir Putin and Russia. Despite raising much larger amounts of money from Silicon Valley oligarchs and progressive billionaires, O’Rourke remains trailing Cruz in most polls and unlikely to pull off a surprise upset in the nation’s biggest red state.

With President Trump already showing himself willing to campaign for Republican candidates across the country, it seems likely that he would be willing to stump in support of his former primary rival turned senatorial ally within the coming weeks and months.

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