Ted Cruz Set to Face Off With Andrew Yang in 1v1 Basketball

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang are set to face off in a one-on-one basketball contest, according to a tweet from the New York entrepreneur on Tuesday.

The two men plan on donating proceeds from the stunt to charity, ensuring that the athletic spectacle of two men in their forties is more than a pointless vanity.

Yang got Cruz’s attention after footage emerged of him playing basketball before the most recent Democratic debate. Cruz has been known as a frequent player at the U.S Senate’s basketball court, and has played in other similar celebrity contests. He defeated late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel in a charity game last year.

Cruz had earlier specified that Yang would have to poll at 5% or higher in order to qualify to compete against the Texas Senator. In response, Yang clarified that he was in fact polling at that level in many state Democratic primaries.

Yang is running his campaign on a proposal that he calls the ‘Freedom Dividend.’ He’d enact a universal basic income of $1,000 for every U.S citizen. A few conservatives have been willing to entertain the proposal, and some such as Tucker Carlson have lauded Yang for his policy prescriptions to combat the devastating economic effects of mass automation.

If the two olympian athletes are able to raise money for charity with some awkward balling, then there’s no harm done. Both should be praised for their willingness to embarrass themselves in a athletic competition some middle-aged men would be more hesitant to engage in.

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