Ted Cruz Suspends Intern Arrested Over Unconstitutional DC Gun Law

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A supposedly pro-Second Amendment Senator has suspended an intern who was arrested and charged with possession of unregistered ammunition in Washington, D.C.

“U.S. Capitol Police told the Washington Examiner that Scott Frantz, 20, was arrested after officers responded to a report on Monday afternoon regarding a ‘dispute’ between Frantz and another person in a vehicle near Capitol Hill,” said the report.

Frantz is an intern for Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz (R-TX).

“Officers noticed there were shotgun shells in the vehicle, and charged Frantz with possession of unregistered ammunition. D.C. law requires that firearms and ammunition be registered,” according to the report.

To be clear, nowhere in the Bill of Rights is it mandated that one must register firearms or ammunition. The D.C. law is a clear infringement on the right to bear arms, which, according to the U.S. Constitution, shall not be infringed.

But that small point seems to have escaped the Senator from Texas.

Cruz, supposedly a champion of the Second Amendment, could have used this incident as a teaching moment to show his constituents just how tyrannical gun laws have become, especially in the nation’s capitol. In the process, he could have defended his intern.

Instead, he took the easy way out. Like a typical cowardly politician, he bowed the political left and tried to dodge the scandal instead of standing up for what he claims to believe in.

“A spokesperson for Cruz’s office told CNN that his ‘office does not comment on pending law enforcement or personnel matters,’ according to the report.

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