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Free Speech

Ted Lieu Would “Love to Regulate the Content of Speech”



In an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Wednesday, California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu appeared to make a surprisingly bold argument in favor of government censorship many free speech and First Amendment advocates found chilling.

Speaking about the availability of content he viewed as “conspiracy theories”(in other words, inconvenient to progressives and liberals) in Google search results, Lieu said thatI would love to be able to regulate the content of speech. The First Amendment prevents me from doing so.”

Many supporters of free speech were shocked that an American member of the House of Representatives would speak of the cherished First Amendment in terms that make it sound like a burden or an obstacle to the policy preferences of a California Member of Congress.

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View the segment in which Lieu expressed his preference for some sort of censorship policy:

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While the concept of deplatforming or otherwise silencing political opponents (usually exercised through the corporate censorhip of Silicon Valley tech companies)is lately seeming to become a hallmark of the contemporary progressive movement, Lieu’s open skepticism towards the First Amendment could represent a totally new instinct to legally criminalize certain forms of political speech among Democrats.

Some other leading progressives have taken increasingly critical perspectives towards the American conception of free speech, but Lieu could be the first Member of Congress to sympathize with a instinct for censorship.

However, with cultural progressives possessing a stranglehold on Silicon Valley tech monopolies, it may not even be necessary for governmental institutions to enact anti-constitutional polices in order to purge right-of-center, conservative and nationalist thought from online public spheres. Leaked internal briefings from Google revealed that figures within the company desired to use the behemoth tech giant’s massive influence to move the internet closer to a “European tradition” which favors “dignity over liberty and civility over freedom,” as opposed to an American tradition which places free expression as sacrosanct.

Free Speech

Mumford & Sons Guitarist Swarmed by Fanatic Leftists After Praising Andy Ngo’s Book

Musicians are terrified to speak out against fanatic leftism.



Folk rock musician Winston Marshall was swarmed by furious leftists after congratulating journalist Andy Ngo on the publication of his new book, “Unmasked.” Ngo’s book breaks down Antifa’s model of attacking democracy and political violence in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, shining light on the street terror group’s extremism.

Marshall, the lead guitarist of Mumford & Sons, hailed Ngo as a “brave man” in a since-deleted tweet.

Antifa supporters were quick to attack the musician as a “Nazi,” unleashing the hate-filled vitriol commonly associated with the intolerant movement. Marshall’s Twitter feed is largely filled with support for Hong Kong demonstrators, a far cry from what leftists might expect from a “fascist.” The English guitar player’s band is known for songs such as “I Will Wait” and “Hopeless Wanderer.”

Others pointed to the faux social media outrage as mere evidence of the Left’s intolerance and fanaticism.

Ngo has been forced to flee the United States under a constant barrage of Antifa threats in recent months, with the street terror group determined to silence Ngo’s reporting on consistent property damage, anarcho-tyranny, and violent crime in Portland and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Marshall has since deleted the tweet. It’s considered impossible to get anywhere in the mainstream music industry if you haven’t cravenly bowed before the false gods of ultraliberalism and identity leftism. While Marshall took a risk in even saluting Ngo’s work in the first place, he unfortunately appears to have backed down, to a degree, a sad lamentation of the state of mainstream entertainment and corporate culture.

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