Teen Vogue Provides Guidance For Minors Seeking Abortions Without Parental Consent

Teen Vogue is amongst various other mainstream media outlets that are still outraged by the SCOTUS strike down of Roe v. Wade. Now, the magazine that targets teenagers and pre-teens is sharing new guidance for its young audience on how to procure an abortion.

Thursday’s guidance from Teen Vogue opened with a somewhat public service announcement about the Supreme Court’s decision and its impact on “creating chaos across the country.”

“For pregnant people in the seven current states that have near total abortion bans in effect, it’s a stressful and confusing situation,” the article said. “For pregnant youth, that stress and confusion is compounded by a system designed to make accessing an abortion even more difficult for them.”

“It is possible to safely self-manage an abortion through medication,” the new guidance continued, “The World Health Organization has specific guidance on self-managed abortion with pills up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.”

The Teen Vogue guidance would also point to various sites for teenagers seeking abortion “medication.”

Following that, the outlet cautioned: “Depending on your state’s current abortion laws, it could take a while for the pills to get to you, but it is worth going through a reputable provider to ensure that the medication you get is verifiable and safe.”

It’s worth noting that the young adult magazine is no stranger to pro-abortion rhetoric for teens. For example, back in July of 2019, the outlet published an article titled, “How to Get an Abortion If You’re a Teen.”

“It’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth,” the article read. “Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

“Everybody loves someone who’s had an abortion. Including you,” the 2019 article concluded.

At one point the piece went on to teach children how to get an abortion without parental approval called a judicial bypass procedure.

This is a notable strategy being pushed by radical pro-abortion groups who are encouraging teenagers to utilize a judicial bypass procedure to access abortions without parental consent.

For instance, just days after the SCOTUS decision was announced, the White House promoted a website that encouraged young girls to get abortions without parent approval through a judicial bypass procedure.

On the website, there is a forum to help users find a verified abortion provider. And amongst the options for age is a dropdown menu that includes “15 or younger.”

The site also includes a link to the If/When/How Judicial Bypass (JB) Helpline, which “is designed to help minors bypass their parents or guardians to obtain an abortion.”

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