Tens Of Thousands of French Protest Vaccine Passports For 13th Week In A Row

A protester holds a French flag and flaunts a Jewish yellow star on his chest during the demonstration against the health pass in Marseille. Gerard Bottino/SOPA Images/Sip via Reuters Connect

Many citizens of France have exhibited anger towards ever-escalating & draconian restrictions imposed by their government, with around 45,300 protesters in cities and towns across the nation demonstrating against the health pass and other COVID-related regulations. This past weekend marks 13th consecutive Saturday where French have filled the streets, The Brussels Times reported.

A video of recent street demonstrations showing what appears to be at least thousands of protestors surfaced on social media, with numerous prominent accounts posting it online.

Found on an Instagram post by ‘The Typical Liberal’

The Interior Ministry of France reported that fourteen arrests were made during the latest demonstrations.

Numerous chants can be heard in the video, with the audio a bit difficult to decipher.

Protests in the country primarily revolve around opposition to France’s ‘vaccine passport’ rules, which ban those who have chosen to not take the COVID-19 shot from many aspects of polite society including cafes, restaurants, fairs, shopping malls as well as trains and planes. Such rules have upset many, creating a sizeable opposition.

“I will never get vaccinated,” Bruno Auquier, a 53-year-old town councilor who lives on the outskirts of Paris told PBS last July. “People need to wake up,” he said, questioning the safety of the vaccine.

As the protests still continue, the nation of France currently has a very high vaccination rate for the Chinese coronavirus, with at least 71.5% of the population having taken full doses.

Draconian mandates imposed by the government to supposedly address the pandemic have remained highly controversial, with France’s former health minister Agnès Buzyn recently being charged for her handling of the crisis just one month ago. Buzyn has since joined the cabinet of the World Health Organization’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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