TERROR: Minneapolis Rioters Set Precinct Station Ablaze After Police Retreat

A massive crowd of Minneapolis rioters appear to have wholly taken over a precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department, going on to set the building wholly ablaze in an act of riotous destruction.

Minneapolis Police are refusing to enforce law and order, handing control of the streets to the racuous crowd to pillage and destroy. Footage from the city shows law enforcement retreating as the mob advances upon the police station.

‘Protestors’ can be seen freely throwing stones and projectiles at police officers, with violence appearing to be a tactic employed by a significant amount of the rioters.

500 Minnesota National Guard soldiers have been activated in order to restore law and order to the city, but it doesn’t appear the force has been organized within the city as of Thursday night, enabling the rioters to continue their spree of destruction.

Footage of the blaze raging at the Minneapolis Police Department’s third district building showed a fire that is serious in scale, easily posing a danger to those in surrounding structures and the rioters torching it. The blaze was first identified at around 10PM local time, with a crowd of rioters easily ranging in the hundreds surrounding the burning police station. The police had “evacuated” the station, surrendering the public building to the whims of the criminals.


Rioters are reportedly blocking Minneapolis firefighters access to the site in order to contain the blaze, even as it places the lives of community members at risk.

The riots started after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died during or following a highly questionable arrest in which a Minneapolis police officer was seen kneeling on his neck for an extended period. Rioters have taken advantage of the incidence to unleash a wave of destruction on the city, looting a Target, torching several buildings, and now outright destroying a police station.

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