Tesla Faces Racial Discrimination Lawsuit That is Picking Up Another 100 Plaintiffs

Elon Musk’s Tesla is currently facing a lawsuit that was originally filed in 2017 where it alleged that the company is a  “hotbed for racist behavior.”

The case’s plaintiff, Marcus Vaughn, is now trying to bring on 100 additional workers to the lawsuit. 

According to a Bloomberg report published on December 15, 2022, Tesla has called on California appeals court to force the complaint to go into private arbitration. 

In 2017, Vaughn asserted that “racial discrimination and harassment were widespread at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California”. The company defended itself in a blog post and subsequently fired three employees after the incidents in question were investigated.

Vaughn claimed that he heard the “N-word” used at least 100 times while he worked at the Tesla factory in Fremont. He also said that employees called the factory “the plantation” or “slaveship.” 

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted that Vaughn’s lawyers are absolutely salivating at the prospect of extracting more money from Tesla in this lawsuit:

Vaughn’s lawyers certainly smell blood in the water at Tesla – they also represented a former elevator operator at the company who won a $137 million jury verdict over the company last year for discrimination. 

The case is currently in appeals and is expected to be settled within 90 days.

After Musk’s purchase of Twitter, he is now public enemy #1. Musk’s eccentric behavior and willingness to deviate from the regime’s script has made him many enemies among the present managerial regime. 

As a result, many subversive forces will try to take him down via discrimination lawsuits, sexual assault accusations, and other behavior deemed to be “unacceptable.” One of the blunt instruments that the Civil Rights Revolution has created is the use of the administrative state to harass businesses and individuals via anti-discrimination lawsuits and other ordinances designed to modify people’s behavior. 

An elite that deviates from the managerial consensus simply cannot be tolerated by the ruling class. 


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