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Texas America First Congressman Calls Out Neocons



Texas Congressmen Lance Gooden has emerged as one of the more unheralded voices of the growing America First movement.

The congressman representing Texas’ 5th district called out neoconservatives who signed on to a statement in support of Joe Biden on August 21, 2020.

He tweeted, “Endless War neocons supporting Democrats? How shocking!”

These were former national security officials who worked in previous Republican administrations. The group is called Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden and also features former elected officials such as Jim Kolbe of Arizona, Christopher Shays of Connecticut, and Jim Leach of Iowa.

Gooden is part of a growing segment of elected officials who are calling out the political establishment in D.C. for its penchant to launch never-ending military excursions in the Middle East.

The Texas Congressman has also made a name for himself as an advocate for immigration restriction. Not only does Gooden oppose illegal immigration, but he is against the non-stop flow of legal migrants that displace American workers.

A few months ago, he joined solid America First congressman Matt Gaetz in signing a letter calling for the Trump administration to halt several forms of legal migration during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Gooden is a representative that all America First nationalists should have on their radar.

Border Security

Mexican Government Reported that Nearly 80,000 People are Still Missing

Mexico Spirals Out of Control While Joe Biden Promises Mass Amnesty



According to a report released by the Mexican government on November 25, 2020, over 79,500 people are still missing in Mexico.

This comes in the backdrop of Mexico’s infamous military offensive against drug cartels in 2006. Since the erstwhile president Felipe’s military offensive against drug cartels, the number of missing people in Mexico has skyrocketed.

Before 2006, there were 1,500 disappearances in Mexico, per statistics that Deputy Human Rights Minister Alejandro Encina put forward. Since July, there have been roughly 6,300 new cases reported.

Encina observed, however, that the number of disappearances have dropped since 2019.

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Mexico is notorious for its alarming levels of violence, which is largely perpetuated by organized crime. In 2019, 34,582 people were murdered. So far in 2020, 26,431 people have been murdered from January to September. 

Encinas claimed that Mexican authorities have discovered 1,399 mass graves in Mexico over the past two years. Of the 2,290 bodies discovered in the graves, 879 have been identified.

Mexico is not in good shape and that’s putting it lightly. America at least recognized this with Donald Trump in office. Trump was elected on an America First platform which stressed tough policies on the border and was not willing tolerate mass immigration like his predecessors.

Sadly, the apparent president-Joe Biden is more concerned with trying to pass mass amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens and freezing deportations for 100 days.

Securing our Southern border is a recognition of the cold, hard truth that Mexico is falling apart, and it’s institutional and social rot could potentially make its way up north. Much to America’s chagrin, the next occupant of the White House will likely not recognize that. Should fraud allegations fail to invalidate the current results of  the 2020 elections, America First patriots must act accordingly and make immigration a massive issue during the 2022 midterms, both in the primaries and general election.

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