Texas Governor Greg Abbott Ends Statewide Mask Mandate: “It’s Time to Open Texas 100%”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott finally announced an end to statewide mask and closing mandates on Tuesday, charting a path away from coronavirus lockdowns.

All businesses within the state of Texas will be able to open “100%” after the Governor’s proclamation. After a full year of coronavirus restrictions, Abbott has determined that it’s time for Texans to make their own decision on following health and safety mandates.

The decision to end lockdown restrictions in Texas follows Florida’s approach, and Texas is easily the biggest state to end restrictions on everyday life in the United States. Texas had a varied experience with the coronavirus, with Governor Abbott at one point reinstating restrictions after a second wave of the disease.

Governor Abbott cited the success of President Trump’s life-saving coronavirus vaccine in bringing an end to COVID-19 restrictions. He indicated that the risk of the virus will remain, but that vaccinating vulnerable populations and allowing businesses was the right course ahead for the Lone Star State. The restrictions end on Wednesday.

Abbott believes that nearly all Texans ages 60 and older will be vaccinated by the end of the month, with the vaccinated population reaching critical mass by April.

Abbott did state that he would consider reinstating coronavirus restrictions in the state if COVID test positivity rates went above 15% in areas of the state.

With a full year of arbitrary restrictions and questionable advice from supposed medical experts, Abbott’s decision to end restrictions in place for a year may serve as a dam-buster in finally doing away with lockdown policies. With Trump no longer in office, blue states may soon follow, having lost their excuse.

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