Texas Governor Greg Abbott Pressures Lawmakers to Streamline Process to Seize Human Stash Houses

Towards the end of February, Texas Governor Greg Abbott called on the state legislature to pass new laws that would facilitate the process of seizing human smuggling stash houses and vehicles. 

Abbott’s call came at a time when Border Patrol officers, State Troopers, and local law enforcement have raided stash houses in Texas border sectors. 

Abbott told Breitbart Texas that he requested state legislators to pass legislation that would streamline the seizure of human smuggling stash houses and vehicles. According to Bob Price of Breitbart News, the governor’s call comes in the wake of the latest efforts under Operation Lone Star to boost rewards for the reporting of stash houses. 

Under the Texas Stash House Program, Texans can win up to $5,000 in rewards for reporting stash house locations.

Abbott claimed that the stash houses and human smuggling interdictions generally occur in the Laredo region because of its proximity to Interstate 35.

“Another thing that I want to say is this to me, it’s shocking,” Abbott stated during the interview. “Texans are going on to Twitter or Tik Tok or whatever the case may be and seeing advertisements by the cartels offering to pay them money to pick up illegal immigrants and transport them elsewhere in the state of Texas. And that’s a crime. But either it’s not being enforced or the punishment is not serious enough. So, I want mandatory 10 years behind bars for anyone who is caught smuggling somebody in Texas.”

Texans must come to grips with the reality that the federal government is not willing to pass serious pro-border security measures. In turn, the Texas state government will have to take matters into its own hands and start building a parallel immigration enforcement apparatus to clamp down on the illegal alien Zerg Rush. If it can’t rise to the occasion, Texas will turn into a multicultural hellscape that Democrats will exploit in their quest to turn America into a one-party state. 

Texas is one of the last lines of defense against such a nightmare scenario. This is one fight that Texas conservatives cannot afford to lose.

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