Texas Governor Greg Abbott Virtue Signals About Removing Russian Products From Store Shelves

In the latest act of virtue signaling, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on February 26, 2022 that he has called on the Texas Restaurant Association, Texas Package Stores Association, and all Texas retailers to voluntarily take off all Russian products from their shelves.

He tweeted, “I’ve asked the members of the Texas Restaurant Association, Texas Package Stores Association & all Texas retailers to voluntarily remove all Russian products from their shelves.

Texas stands with Ukraine.


Abbott’s latest announcement comes on the heels of various bars nationwide stating publicly they will not serve Russian vodka as a way to demonstrate their support for Ukraine. One bar in Austin, Texas, Barton Springs Saloon, said to KVUE it’s going the extra mile and pouring its vodkas coming from Russia.  

For the most part, this move is likely symbolic.

Paul Isely, an associate dean and economics professor at Grand Valley State University, said to KVUE’s sister station WZZM there are roughly $41 million in total sales of Russian vodka annually.

That’s really small compared to the $1.7 trillion economy in Russia, but for a company that can be very big so if we were to decrease the units sold, it would affect the profitability of those companies and affect their willingness to support [the conflict],” he stated. 

Isely claims that hurting the companies would unlikely have much of an impact on Russian President Vladmir Putin’s behavior or the country’s economy.

To be blunt, what’s happening in Eastern Europe is none of America’s business. One can have legitimate issues with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but also understand that Russia has valid security concerns with NATO constantly knocking on its doors.

If the US were serious about not being dependent on Russia for natural gas, it would completely deregulate its energy sector. But that’s a whole different kettle of fish. The US needs to be focusing more on domestic matters, from becoming energy independent to securing our border.

Foreign policy entanglements are just one way to bleed America dry and make it ignore some of its most existential threats such as anti-white hate and mass migration — two ways the Left will make sure to erase the Historic American Nation. No army composed of the so-called “rogue” actors such as China, Iran, and Russia is capable of pulling that off.

As always, the real threat lies within, not without. Abbott needs to recognize this and start taking hardline measures on the southern border. That’s where the real fight is. 

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