Texas Governor Greg Abbottt is Looking to Pardon Daniel Perry

The government of Texas Governor Greg Abbott is currently looking to pardon Army Sergeant Daniel Perry for an act of self-defense that was ruled a murder. 

On July 25, 2020,  Perry was driving for Uber in downtown Austin, Texas. On that night, a Black Lives Matter protest kicked off on Congress Avenue and started to get rowdy. As Perry tried to turn his car onto Congress from Fourth Street, the car was surrounded by a mob of marchers. One of those demonstrators was Garrett Foster who was carrying an AK-47 rifle.

As the crowd swarmed  Perry’s car, Foster raised his rifle. Fearing for his life, Perry drew his legally held handgun and shot and killed Foster.

The shooting was subsequently investigated by Austin Police and the Travis County District Attorney at the time, which initially determined Perry’s action was an act of self-defense. In November 2020, things changed though. Dan Zimmerman of Truth About Guns noted that the election of Soros-backed Jose Garza as the Travis County DA threw things out of control once he reopened the investigation and convened a grand jury.

An Austin police detective who had previously investigated the shooting blamed the Travis County DA for compelling him to change his testimony to the grand jury, removing information that could potentially be exculpatory, in order to indict Perry.

In a sworn affidavit, Detective David Fugitt stated, “I firmly believe the District Attorney’s Office, acting under the authority of José P. Garza, tampered with me as a witness.” However, a district judge who reviewed these assertions said he didn’t see any behavior in this case that is tantamount criminal conduct by the D.A.

In the sworn affidavit, Fugitt argued that he had “several conversations” with the DA’s Office concerning evidence that could have been favorable to Perry but “it became clear to me that the District Attorney’s Office did not want to present” this evidence. Fugitt revealed that he was instructed to erase over 100 slides from his presentation. He felt like he “did not have any other options but to comply with their orders.”

In July 2021, Perry was indicted and charged with murder and aggravated assault. On March 7, Perry was found guilty of committing murder and not guilty of the aggravated assault charge.

The prosecution buttressed its case with not only the events that took place on July 25, 2020 on Congress Avenue, but also what Perry posted on social media.

Perry’s supporters instantly started urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott to pardon Perry. On April 8, Abbott announced that he initiated the process which requires the Texas Bureau of Pardons and Paroles to take action. 

A sentencing hearing for Perry took place on April 11, 2023. Hopefully, the Abbott administration can finally give Perry the justice he deserves. At the end of the day, what’s the point of the right to arms if you can’t use lethal force against individuals who pose an existential threat to your life? 

A serious right-wing government would do everything possible to pardon Perry in this instance. Leftist mobs must ultimately pay a heavy cost for their political misbehavior. 

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