Texas ‘Liberty’ Rep. Jonathan Stickland Betrays Texas Gun Rights Activists By Video Scolding

Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) shocked his pro-Constitution constituents by siding with anti-gun Republican House leadership to throw grassroots gun rights activists under the bus.

“Recently, I have seen and been made aware of some of the most concerning behavior I have witnessed in my time as a legislator. I am saddened by the acts of a few individuals who have stolen the conversation about legislation that I deeply care about,” Stickland said in a Facebook video chastizing gun rights advocates of Texas.

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) killed Stickman’s ‘Constitutional Carry’ bill after protesters fliered the door of his home. Apparently considering himself to be royalty, Bonnen saw this civic activism to be an egregious, intolerable act akin to an ISIS attack.

“I could no longer watch as legislators and their families are incessantly harassed by fanatical gun-rights activists who think laws preventing criminals from carrying a gun should be repealed,” said the sanctimonious Bonnen in a written comment, according to The Statesman.

“Their goal is to eradicate sensible gun policies by allowing anyone to carry a gun without a license and proper training — making it impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between law-abiding gun owners and criminals,” Bonnen said, making it clear he is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment. “The fear and terror used to push this agenda has made it clear this is bad public policy.”

Additionally, Bonnen was caught lying about the story he told the press to paint his conservative constituents as threats to public safety. He initially claimed his wife was in the house at the time Texas Gun Rights’ Executive Director, Chris McNutt showed up with fliers.

“With that said, do I think this bad policy? Yes. So I’m not running from that,” Bonnen told the Houston Chronicle. “The bigger point is they can attack me all they want, but don’t go to my residence when you know there’s zero opportunity of my being there … don’t go where my two sons and my wife are and I am not.”

But it was later revealed in a Fort-Worth Star Telegram report that Bonnen’s wife, Kim, was not in the premises when McNutt showed up. Only a teenage son was inside Bonnen’s home at the time of the supposed incident.

Mrs. Bonnen even had the audacity to claim to be traumatized by McNutt’s choice of clothes claiming that “showing up with a T-shirt with a machine gun on it” was “freaking me out. … This cannot become how we advocate.”

McNutt believes that Bonnen is just making up a lame excuse for refusing to live up to his oath to the Constitution.

“If politicians like Speaker Dennis Bonnen think they can show up at the doorsteps of Second Amendment supporters and make promises to earn votes in the election season, they shouldn’t be surprised when we show up in their neighborhoods to insist they simply keep their promises in the legislative session,” McNutt said to the Dallas News.

“He is trying to paint the simple act of leaving a flyer on the doors of hundreds of his constituents and donors – asking them to contact their legislators to support a bill – is somehow an act of intimidation,” McNutt said in a video message posted on the Texas Gun Rights’ Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Stickland lacked the courage to stand for his supporters who pushed for his ‘Constitutional Carry’ legislation. Stickland followed the lead of the House Speaker in conjunction with the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association to violate his oath to the Constitution and denigrate patriotic individuals for grassroots activism with misrepresentations.

“There is a right way and a wrong way to influence the legislative process… There is never a time or place to physically threaten an elected official with violence. It is never okay or helpful to your cause to curse out their staff. It’s never okay to target their homes or personal businesses when you know they are not in town,” Stickland said, giving orders to the peasants on how they may use their rights.

Stickland’s patriotic Facebook following smelled a rat and immediately took this slovenly legislator to task for his colossal betrayal.

“If this lawmaker had a shred of integrity, he would not allow the actions of a few affect his responsibility to do the right thing for the masses of gun owners in the state who did not show up at his home and did not send threatening messages,” FOX Business political analyst Jan Morgan wrote.

“He is coward lacking in integrity and looking for any excuse to shirk his responsibility to the people,” Morgan added. “He needs a good opponent in the next primary.”

“You used to be the best legislator in the country and now you are backtracking,” former Tennessee Campaign for Liberty activist Matt Collins wrote. “NEVER throw your allies under the bus and NEVER give the enemy cover. You should delete this video immediately and apologize.”

“While I have also been an avid supporter of you and your efforts to promote constitutional carry in Texas for years I can no longer support you or your efforts at this time,” constituent Jerry McWhorter wrote. “By making this video you have essentially shown an example of how red flag laws work by condemning an individual without proof of a crime. You just lost my vote in the next election.”

It doesn’t seem likely that an oathbreaker like Stickland, with his lack of a backbone and fealty to GOP establishment leadership, will ever achieve any results for Texas gun owners. Texas Republicans might be wise to consider a primary challenge against him in 2020.

Note: Stickland was contacted for a statement, but had not replied by the time of publication.

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