Texas National Guard Adds 2 Miles of Border Fence as Border Crisis Intensifies

The Texas National Guard recently built two additional miles of border fencing during a time when the Supreme Court issued an order to maintain Title 42 and a mass illegal migration wave  continues.

According to a report by ADN America, national guardsmen stationed in the border city of El Paso, Texas helped erect the barriers and have plans of building more. 

Earlier in December, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a state of emergency after an alarming surge of migrants. El Paso has been particularly rocked by this migrant surge over the last few months. In response to this surging migration wave, National Guardsmen were subsequently deployed to aid El Paso authorities in the face of this existential migrant crisis. 

Ben Whedon of Just the News observed that a record 2.4 million migrants crossed illegally in fiscal year 2022. In total, since President Joe Biden was installed in office, roughly 4 million illegal alien invaders have penetrated the southern border. Those numbers will likely rise as the Biden regime continues to do little to contain this Zerg rush. 

Title 42 is a public health order that grants the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Border Patrol authorities to halt the entry and to swiftly expel illegal alien invaders if they are from a nation that hosts communicable diseases such as the Wuhan virus. Roughly 2.5 million illegal alien invaders have been deported under Title 42.

The Supreme Court recently issued an order that kept Title 42 in place as oral arguments are slated for February 2023. However, the court’s final decision isn’t expected to take place prior to June.

Texas is leading the way when it comes to crafting proactive border security measures. This is the new reality of American politics, where one party — the Democratic Party— has embraced the Great Replacement agenda and wants to erase America’s borders and its national character. 

Obviously, a national solution is needed to solve the immigration question. However, red states on the border should continue crafting their own migratory policies to control the bleeding and ensure that total chaos does not ensue.

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