Texas Politician Uses Stock Photo To Claim Campaign Has Diverse Supporters

Texas Politician Stock Photo Diverse Supporters

Texas City Councilman Ron Kelly used a stock photo from iStock in a Facebook political advertisement citing his “broad support” from diverse individuals within the community.

A Texas politician claimed his “campaign has broad support from people of different religions, nationalities, skin colors, and political affiliation” in a Facebook advertisement, and as evidence he used a photo titled “Smiling Group of Ethnically Diverse Businessman and Businesswomen” from the stock photography website iStock.

While his assertion may be true, the use of a stock photo to prove his point seems ill conceived.

Kelly is running for reelection as a City Councilman in Plano, Texas, where he has been endorsed by local media, and campaigns for the city to keep its status quo.

The Dallas Morning News endorsed him for reelection in a gushing article:

Plano City Council member Ron Kelley has been on the front lines of the development battles. As the city continues its long-running debate on housing density, his experience will be important to finding balance between preparing for a more-diverse population and maintaining a suburban feel. Voters should give Kelley another term in Place 5.

The 56-year-old, who runs a nonprofit religious group that provides career transition and financial services, touts a record of voting against apartment projects. But he’s open to mixed-use projects that would provide more units in an urban-style setting, mixed with retail shops and restaurants, in areas the city needs to develop, such as the proposal to revamp Collin Creek Mall. He touts that development as a key to revitalizing that portion of the city.

His primary opponent, Shelby Williams, has the support of a conservative coalition including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and he is campaigning on reducing or freezing the large property taxes in the city. Williams was “was recruited to run by staunch conservative groups,” something the local media appears to be attempting to use against him.

On his Facebook Page, Williams mocked Kelly’s use of the stock photo.

“In addition to the numerous Plano citizens from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe, I am especially proud to have the support of the very same stock-photo as my opponent!” Williams added, “We can all live in harmony if we simply pony up a few bucks to iStockPhoto!”


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