Texas Readies For Surge Of 60,000 Haitian Migrants

Thousands of Haitian migrants began efforts to cross the Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas, from Ciudad Acuna. Paul Ratje /Getty Images / TNS

Texas government and law enforcement leaders have stepped up efforts to make up for the federal government’s inability to control the United States border, with leaders spending the weekend preparing for a possible wave of more than 60,000 Haitian migrants. The majority of these Haitians are attempting to cross the United States border after first arriving in South America.

The Washington Examiner reported that the number of Haitian migrants headed to the U.S. could be four times the size of a previous group that made it across in Del Rio last month. The group at Del Rio was around 15,000, leading to chaos as thousands of migrants camped out by the border in hopes of being taken into United States federal custody.

Critics of the Biden regime claim that the current disaster at the border is manufactured, pointing to the incompetency of various individuals in the administration to address the crisis, especially ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris.

“Texas National Guard is gearing up at the border for increased caravans attempting to cross the border caused by Biden’s open border policy,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, wrote in a post on Twitter over the weekend. “They are working with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety to seal surge locations at the border & arrest trespassers.”

“I’ve never seen this,” Abbott said during a radio interview on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show on Sept. 29. “We have multiple reports about different caravans coming to different regions across the border. And so what we’re going to do in response to it as we are preparing, as we speak, is exactly what you saw at the apex moment when people were coming across the river in Del Rio.”

Abbot explained a bit of the process the Texas government will undertake in order to keep the state border safe, including the lining of 100s of police and military vehicles at the border to ensure police are ready to intervene in the event that migrants attempt to enter the country illgaly.

“When the recent caravan of thousands of Haitian migrants crossed into Del Rio, Governor Abbott surged additional law enforcement personnel to the region and directed the National Guard and DPS to create a steel barrier with hundreds of their vehicles and humvees to deter further crossings,” Renae Eze, a spokeswoman for Gov. Greg Abbott, wrote in an email.

“This successful strategy, which Border Patrol agents have credited for stopping the flow of Haitian migrants, will be utilized for other caravans headed towards our southern border. Texas will continue surging state resources and stepping up in the federal government’s absence to secure our border and protect Texans.”

Governor Greg Abbott has confidently asserted that Texas is handling the worsening crisis at the border very well despite the complete lack of support from the federal government.

“We stepped up and created our own court system in south Texas, where we are arresting and processing and then jailing people who are coming across the border for criminal trespass,” Abbott said in the radio interview. “Because I declared a disaster in this region along the border, it immediately elevates the time in jail and the penalties for trespass in the state of Texas and it turns it into a six-month to a year behind bar penalty.”

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