Texas Republican Leaders Call for Tough Action Against the FBI

The FBI’s raid of Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago on August 8, 2022 served as a wake-up call to the conservatives in the United States. The FBI is the enemy of Middle America and all of America’s traditions of limited government. 

The days of political decency and neutrality are over. We’re in a cold civil war which will require the Right to take harsh measures against institutions that punish right-wing constituencies. 

Texas Republican leaders are beginning to recognize this. Matt Rinaldi, the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, immediately called for the abolition of the FBI in the wake of the agency’s raid of Trump’s residency. Rinaldi tweeted, “Abolish the FBI.

Rinaldi was first elected to be Chairman of the Texas Republican Party back in 2021 and has made the party go in a more hardline, America First direction. 

While not as bold as Rinaldi’s statement,  State House Representative Bryan Slayton roundly condemned the FBI’s move against Trump. 

He tweeted, “We are at war with the Left. Watergate pales in comparison and it’s time to stop acting like Democrats are a party we can work with. Texas should immediately expel all FBI employees from our state until this madness ends

State Representative Mayes Middleton echoed Slayton and Rinaldi’s sentiments. He tweeted, “First, Joe Biden passes a bill to increase IRS size to audit conservatives. Then, he sends the FBI to raid President Trump’s home over phony investigation. They lied about his taxes. Lied about Russian collusion. And now this. Biden and the radical left are out of control!#txlege.”

America just had its own Rubicon moment with this FBI raid. The battle lines are being drawn here. The Left is willing to use political force against the Right and ultimately dispossess it. 

The FBI can no longer be treated as some innocuous three-letter agency. If the Right was serious about imposing its agenda, it must start with abolishing this agency or at the very least, sharply defunding it. 

The days of treating the FBI normally are over. In the meantime, Texas Republicans should do everything to expel federal agents and nullify other unconstitutional measures and actions. 

Hostile institutions and their functionaries should not not be allowed to set foot on Lone Star soil.

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