Texas Senator Puts Forward Laws that Allows School Shooting Victims to Sue the State

Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez recently introduced legislative items that would grant school shooting survivors the power to file lawsuits against Texas government agencies and Texas law enforcement for their actions on the job. In addition, Gutierrez introduced bills that would set up a permanent compensation fund for victims of school shootings by imposing taxes on firearm sales and repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act —a federal law that protects gun vendors and manufacturers from liability. 

Gutierrez said to ABC News that it’s high time lawmakers tackle the country’s gun problems as mass shootings continue to occur. He called attention to how none of his bills currently have Republican co-sponsors, but that all of them will have companion legislation in the Texas House.

“We can sue big tobacco when they market towards kids, but we can’t sue big guns. It’s ludicrous,” Gutierrez stated. “How that ever got passed is beyond me and I think my Republican colleagues can get behind me on that one.”

While Gutierrez’s bills that would allow for individuals to sue government agencies and law enforcement for their negligence in mass shooting incidents are solid, legislation to tax gun sales and sue gun manufacturers does nothing to stop mass shooters. If anything, such legislation would negatively impact lawful individuals who want to acquire firearms for self-defense. 

If anyone deserves to get punished for mass shooting incidents, it’s the politicians who create gun-free zones and government agencies who fail to do their job in protecting citizens in these cases.

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