TEXTS: Daily Wire Tries to Coerce Jerry Falwell Jr. to Drop Corey Stewart Endorsement

Avowed NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro is using his platform to coax college Republicans at Liberty University into pressuring the school’s president to drop his endorsement of Virginia GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart.

Text messages obtained by Big League Politics show that a member of the Liberty University College Republicans, Ian Trey Parish, spoke with Kassy Dillon of Daily Wire, and that the outlet wanted the incoming Student Body President, Jacob Page, to draft a letter to university president Jerry Falwell Jr. demanding that he drop his endorsement of Stewart.

The following is the text exchange between Parish and Page:

Parish writes for Dillon at Lone Conservative, which she founded. Dillon is a newly-minted employee at Daily Wire. 

All of the parties involved in the scandal support VA House of Delegates member Nick Freitas for Senate. The primary election is next Tuesday, June 12.

Dillon recently wrote a deceptive hit-piece on Stewart, wherein she posted a video of Stewart declaring his admiration for Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen. The video was taken several months prior to Nehlen making anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter, for which he has been mostly shunned by the Republican Party.

The piece suggests that since Stewart spoke with Nehlen, that Stewart must too, be an anti-Semite. He has never made any such comments. Daily Wire is playing the “guilt by association” game. Shapiro, a Harvard Law graduate, should know better.

This attack is a sad last-ditch effort on behalf of the failing Freitas campaign. Internal polls have Stewart at 35%, and Freitas a distant second at 9%. Freitas, recently endorsed by NeverTrump loser Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, has just 7% name recognition.

Freitas was a known NeverTrumper during the 2016 election cycle.

Big League Politics reported:

“In deleted social media posts from 2015 and 2016, Freitas referred to President Trump as a ‘5-time draft deferring ‘tough guy’ who would ‘take some candy from a small child . . . or maybe kick a kitten.’ He also wrote on social media that Trump was not a candidate for ‘liberty-minded conservatives.’

In February, Freitas riled up Trump supporters, saying that Trump ‘makes people cringe’ with some of his statements.

Freitas even shared a post written by ardent Never Trump blogger Matt Walsh during the 2016 campaign.

‘I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I have many reasons, for instance I dislike everything about him,’ wrote the edgy Walsh, apparently appealing to Freitas’ sensibilities. The post continues, describing Trump as a ‘crony capitalist,’ a ‘sensitive, petty man with a thin skin,’ and a ‘whiny trust fund baby’ with a ‘non-existent character.’ Freitas, of course, has now unshared the post.”

BLP Passage Ends. 

When will the NeverTrump crowd and its henchman Shapiro realize that Americans do not support the failed establishment Republicanism of recent decades?

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