The Biden Regime is Aiming for Complete Domination of Americans’ Digital Activity

The Biden regime is urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to assert substantial dominion over the internet, in its aim to obtain a favorable court ruling that would grant it the power to censor Americans. In addition, the Biden regime has issued a broad-based  executive order to regulate AI. According to certain tech experts, government intervention in the digital space could have significant negative effects on American consumers.

“These latest moves shift the balance between governmental oversight and individual freedoms heavily toward the government,” Internet Accountability Project Founder and President Mike Davis said to the Daily Caller. “Excessive government control from the Biden administration would curtail the very essence of a free and open digital environment, compromising privacy rights and growing the alliance between Big Tech and the federal government.”

For example, the Biden regime has urged the FCC to implement new rules with the aim of fighting “digital discrimination.” The main focus of the rules is to fight “digital discrimination of access” to broadband internet, as laid out in section 60506 of Biden’s 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“Biden’s plan would be an unprecedented expansion of regulatory power that grants broad authority to the administrative state over internet services,” Heritage Foundation Tech Policy Center Research Associate Jake Denton said to the Daily Caller. “This plan empowers regulators to shape nearly all aspects of how ISPs [internet service providers] operate, including how they allocate and spend their capital, where they build new broadband infrastructure projects, and what types of offerings are made available to consumers.”

“If enacted, these centralized planning measures could profoundly transform the digital experiences of consumers — a troubling prospect that should worry all Americans about what the future of the internet could look like in this country,” Denton continued.

Additionally, the Biden regime asked the Supreme Court to throw a wrench in an order that hamstrung it from carrying out social media censorship following an appeals court’s move to partially affirm it  back in September. The Supreme Court granted a pause on the injunction in October, but also agreed to take up the Missouri v. Biden case, a free speech case challenging the Biden regime’s efforts to censor social media content, according to a court order.

“President Biden’s pronounced efforts to extend government control over the expansive tech landscape point toward an unprecedented level of government intervention in Americans’ digital lives and basic freedoms,” Davis said to the Daily Caller. “Consolidation of power over the tech space within the government, working in tandem with its corporate allies in Big Tech, will stifle innovation, freedom of speech, and freedom of association. Diversity of ideas and technological advancements will suffer.”

On top of that, the FCC is also pushing to bring back net neutrality. Net neutrality regulations compel ISPs to provide equal access to all websites and content providers at the same costs and speeds, irrespective of content or size

“We have seen several recent actions that shift from a light touch, free market approach to a more regulatory and precautionary approach including the revival of ‘net neutrality’ … and presumptions that AI should be regulated by the government in a top-down approach,” Cato Institute Technology Policy Research Fellow Jennifer Huddleston said to the Daily Caller. “These actions are concerning as the light touch approach the U.S. has traditionally taken has benefited consumers by allowing entrepreneurs and innovators to enter the market with minimal government intervention or barriers.”

The Intent of these programs the Biden regime is pursuing is about completely taking over the Internet. The government doesn’t like free speech, especially through a medium like the Internet, which is one of the largest vectors for free speech on the planet. 

For that reason, the Biden regime and its pro-censorship allies will continue to attack free speech online.

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