The Biden Regime is Still Pushing for an Assault Weapons Ban 

On December 7, 2022, President Joe Biden called for, once again, Congress to pass an assault weapons ban at the 10th Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence.

At the event, Biden boasted about his biggest legislative accomplishment on the gun control front. He declared that he was able to get “the most significant gun law passed in 30 years,” However, as Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge observed, Biden was not satisfied with the passage of the “Safer Communities Act.”

“Our work continues to limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge, the type of weapon that can be purchased and sold, the attempt to ban assault weapons, a whole range of things that are just common sense, just simple common sense,” Biden stated. “But you know, we did it before, you may remember, in the nineties we did it…And guess what, it worked. The number of violent mass murders reduced were significant, a lot of people’s lives were saved. You know, we can do it again.”

Biden referenced the 1994 “assault weapons ban” which was one of the most significant pieces of gun control legislation passed during the 1990s. It was in effect from

1994 and 2004 and formed an integral part of former President Bill Clinton’s crime bill. Since it expired in 2004, Democrats have been trying to resurrect this gun grab, which had very little impact on crime.

Though the chances of such legislation passing seem slim at the moment. Texas Senator John Cornyn claims Democrats’ civilian disarmament scheme is likely dead on arrival.

“I don’t think that’s on the table,” declared John Cornyn in a statement he sent to Fox News, responding to a question about the prospects of this bill’s passage.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal confirmed Cornyn’s statements  who informed Fox News that the Senate “has a lot on our plate.” When he was asked about the gun grab he admitted that there are “probably not 60 votes” for the bill. Democrats would need 10 GOP senators to have a filibuster proof majority to ensure the passage of this bill.

On December 7, Blumenthal accompanied Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and the pro-gun confiscation March Fourth Coalition in holding a press conference with the goal of urging the Senate to briskly pass an assault weapons ban during the lame-duck session.

Indeed, Democrats have met their match here. There’s simply not a strong enough anti-gun majority in Congress. This is the product of pro-gun lobbies instilling so much fear into Republicans’ hearts through primaries and constant attacks directed against their anti-gun deviations.

Now, many Republicans must think twice before voting for any gun grab. With the House under Republican control, it will be more difficult for Democrats’ anti-gun projects to become a reality.

Nevertheless, the fight to restore gun rights is never over. Pro-Second Amendment activists must continue pressuring their elected officials and start preparing for pro-gun offensives that whittle away at the gun control regime in the DC Swamp and put Gun Control Inc. on a diet.

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