The Biden Regime Prioritizes Aid to Ukraine, While Hawaii Burns

Right after the state of Hawaii declared a state of emergency over wildfires that have largely blazed through the island of Maui, President Joe Biden requested $13 billion in emergency funding for military aid to Ukraine.

Biden also gave the green light to $12 billion for federal disaster aid. In total, the package requested for Congressional approval hovers around $40 billion. In addition to the $13 billion in defense aid for Ukraine, an additional $8 billion was requested for humanitarian support for Ukraine through the end of 2023. 

Due to these hurricane induced wildfires, Hawaii witnessed several towns and neighborhoods get destroyed, which left 36 Americans dead. Unfortunately, the US is a post-national state where the interests of Middle America are ignored, while foreign interests get prioritized. Ukrainians get more taxpayer goodies while Hawaiians are left to suffer.  That’s the nature of this post-national beast. 

Truth be told, the US will continue to engage in such deplorable behavior as its political class grows more detached from and hostile towards its core population. There is clearly an elite problem with the US. This problem will not be solved with debate. 

It’s going to require political force in the form of elections that see the political establishment removed from office and nationalists insinuating themselves in the government to impose policies that purge these corrupt elites while also crafting a new set of policies that promote the national interest. In effect, a regime change is needed to set things right in the US. 

This will be a tall order, indeed. But it must be realized if we want to have any semblance of a coherent nation left in the ensuing decades.

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