The Biden Regime Puts Forward Almost $2 Billion Additional Funds for ATF in Fiscal Year 2024

According to a report by AWR Hawkins at Breitbart News, the Biden regime’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2024 tacks on roughly two billion dollars to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) budget.

This funding increase for the ATF comes at a time when several House Republicans have called for the defunding of the ATF, with some even calling for its wholesale abolition. 

On top of that, this funding proposal also comes at a time when several lawsuits have been filed against the ATF over its AR-pistol stabilizer brace regulation, the 80% frame order, and the bump stock proposal.

Hawkins observed that “Page 40 of Biden’s budget proposal adds $1.9 billion for the ATF.”

The money is allocated towards increasing the size of ATF personnel, programs fighting gun trafficking, heightened regulation of the firearms industry, and implementation of the gun control that Texas Senator John Cornyn teamed up with Democrats to pass in the summer of 2022.

Biden’s budget also allocates an additional $51 million to the FBI, which has been placed under great scrutiny by House Republicans who believed it has been thoroughly politicized against the Right. 

The Biden regime is committed to destroying the Second Amendment. Even if it means having to bypass traditional legislative means to do so, the Biden regime will go to great lengths to wiping out the right to bear arms. At this point in American history, gun rights activists must start ignoring ATF regulations by getting their state legislatures to pass nullification measures. 

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