The Biden Regime Sends Delegation to Taipei Following Taiwan’s Presidential Election

President Joe Biden has plans of sending a delegation of former prominent officials to Taipei after the Taiwanese election took place on January 6, 2024 the latest move that could increase tensions between China and the United States.

The Biden regime selected James Steinberg, a former Democratic deputy secretary of state, and Stephen Hadley, a former Republican national security adviser, to head up the bipartisan delegation, per five people who are familiar with the plans.

Previously, Joe Biden sent two high-level delegations of former officials to the Taiwanese capital of Taipei to give Taiwan assurances about US support in the face of increased pressure from the mainland Chinese government.

The deployment of this delegation to Taiwan shortly after a presidential election represents the latest escalation of political tensions between China and the US.

The Chinese embassy in Washington announced that China “firmly opposes the US having any form of official contact with the Taiwan region.” It urged the Biden regime to “stop sending wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces and refrain from interfering in elections in the Taiwan region in any form”.

Taiwan’s election saw Lai Ching-te, the vice president of incumbent Democratic Progressive party candidate,against Hou Yu-ih of the leading opposition Kuomintang party, and Ko Wen-je of the Taiwan People’s party. The Chinese are not big fans of Lai, who is connected  with the wing of the DPP that calls for formalizing Taiwan’s complete independence from the mainland. 

This is just the latest chapter in America’s slow pivot to Asia where the US is looking to contain the rise of an increasingly ambitious China. Unfortunately, such a geopolitical venture will be filled with plenty of hairy confrontations, especially in flashpoints such as Taiwan. If the Taiwanese don’t come to their senses and realize the US’s ulterior geopolitical motive, Taiwan will become the next sacrificial lamb for the US. 

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