The Biden Regime’s Justice Department Calls Out Greg Abbot’s Border Security Measures

Last week the Biden regime’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his decision to create a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande. The purpose of this barrier is to stem the increasing flow of illegal aliens into Texas. 

Per the filing, Mexico issued formal protests at the “highest diplomatic levels” dating back to June and has canceled a previously scheduled meeting about other matters connected to the buoy barrier close to Eagle Pass, which they claim violates treaties signed by the two nations. On July 26, 2023, tensions over the buoys manifested themselves in a meeting at Ciudad Juárez designed to underscore US-Mexico cooperation on other matters.

“Deployment of the Floating Barrier is a source of diplomatic concern, and its continued presence is adversely affecting foreign policy,” lawyers at the Justice Department wrote.

The federal agency is calling on the Texas state government to stop all construction of the barrier and is requesting that a judge compel the state government  to take it down until the case is sorted out.

Abbott has stood his ground proclaiming on Newsmax on July 27 that the buoys are helping the Texas state government block illegal border crossings and doing the job he believes President Joe Biden is refusing to do on immigration matters.

“Texas is stepping up as the fighter for the freedom and sovereignty of this country and we need the United States to step up and do its job,” Abbott declared on “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

The Justice Department filed the lawsuit on July 24, 2023 against Abbott’s government, contending that the buoy system violated the federal Rivers and Harbors Act, which mandates the approval of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ prior to the placement of any barriers  in any navigable water in the US. Abbott did not look for permission before and has stated in other interviews that he doesn’t believe that act is applicable to what the Texas government is currently doing.

The federal government also highlighted in detail in the new filings submitted on July Wednesday that this move is causing a deterioration in relations with Mexico.

Mexico’s delegation to the International Boundary and Water Commission, which oversees treaties connected to the river, has issued a formal objection to the buoys and canceled a meeting slated for earlier this week to discuss other river flow matters.

In Ciudad Juárez on July 26,  US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar held a meeting with Chihuahua Governor Maru Campos to underscore how the countries are cooperating to fight human smuggling networks. Salazar stated that via teamwork, the two countries had been allegedly able to bust up several smuggling networks. But he was also trying to allay Mexican authorities’ fears that the US government did not support Abbott’s “illegal” actions with the erection of the buoys.

Earlier in July, Abbott instructed state officials to start deploying the first 1,000 feet of buoy barriers in the Rio Grande close to Eagle Pass. “

On July 26 in Washington, D.C., when Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, received questions about whether Texas’ activities had been  impeding his [Border Patrol] agents’ ability to police the border, he responded with the following statement:

“Law enforcement is most effective when it is executed collaboratively, in cooperation.”

The Biden regime’s goal with respect to immigration policy is to facilitate the great replacement through the opening up of the entire southern border to an endless deluge of migrants. So the Biden regime will do everything possible to undermine state governments like the one in Texas who dare to enforce immigration laws and protect the country’s national sovereignty.

The Texas government should not relent in the face of this open border pressure. Instead, it should lead by example by taking immigration enforcement matters into its own hands.

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