The City of Lafayette, Louisiana Removes Confederate Monument from Front of City Hall

On June 16, 2021, the statue of Confederate General Alfred Mouton was removed from its spot outside of the city hall of Lafayette, Louisiana. Onlookers cheered as Mouton’s statue was removed. 

According to KATC TV3, a flag pole will replace the statue in front of the city hall. It’s still up in the air where the Mouton statue will end up going.

The removal of this monument comes following a legal battle spanning multiple decades over whether to keep it in its traditional location.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy originally donated the statue to the city of Lafayette in 1922. However, city officials have been trying to move the statue since 1980. According to The Advocate, the group successfully requested for an injunction to halt this decision.

In 2016, the city made a renewed attempt to remove the statue but ultimately did not end up following through with it because the United Daughters threatened to use legal action.

However, things started changing in 2019 after members of Move the Mindset submitted paperwork to get involved in the dispute. According to a report by the Associated Press, the city teamed up with Move the Mindset in this lawsuit.

The city eventually reached a settlement on July 6, 2021 with the United Daughters. Under the settlement, the city would remove the statue to a location that the United Daughters approved of.

The United Daughters have less than two months to tell the city to move the statue. If they can’t come to a decision within that time frame, the city can dispose of the monument as it pleases. 

The statue removal comes against the backdrop of other removals taking place nationwide where confederate monuments are being taken down thanks to the activism of culturally leftist radicals.

With time, all facets of American history will be wiped off the public square if these radicals have their way. The Confederate monuments are just the start. Eventually, the Founding Fathers will be in the crosshairs.

The whole point of history is to show present and future generations the mistakes and accomplishments of the past. History gives people a point of reference to analyze from. When that is eliminated, the US is well on its way to becoming a lifeless shopping mall instead of a coherent nation with a history that people can appreciate.

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