The Daily Wire Rivals Disney With New Streaming Service Featuring Big Names Like Jordan Peterson

The Daily Wire has been leading the alternative media movement for conservatives through its podcasts, online articles, shows, and movies. Now they have just announced their new streaming service, DailyWire+, which is intended to rival popular mainstream platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

“The launch of DailyWire+ marks the beginning of an aggressive technological and content expansion for us,” said co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. “The addition of Dr. Jordan Peterson, the pre-eminent public intellectual of our time, should indicate exactly how serious we are about bringing quality counter-cultural voices to the fore.”

On Wednesday, The Daily Wire shared its new subscription-based podcast and video-on-demand streaming service. Which will be home to the company’s growing catalog of content. One of the big names DailyWire+ will host is Dr. Jordan Peterson, who just signed a multi-year deal with the project.

“Obviously, there’s a huge shift in media technology from whatever was the legacy media in print, video, entertainment, and in the digital world, and clearly DailyWire+ is at the forefront of that,” said Peterson. “Partnering with a company that shares my own values for excellence and entrepreneurial vision is the natural next step for me. And, it’s time for a new adventure.”

One of the new limited four-part series that will be hosted by Peterson is titled “Dragons, Monsters, and Men.” According to The Daily Wire, the now-available series “follows [Peterson’s] meteoric rise from relative obscurity as a Canadian professor, to worldwide stardom as a pre-eminent public intellectual.” It centers around the topics of men, masculinity, and purpose.

In addition to the Peterson series, DailyWire+ will include various other entertainment offerings like exclusive original movies and kids’ entertainment content. In the fall, The Daily Wire will be expanding its existing deal with PragerU with the launch of a new series, “PragerU Master’s Program with Dennis Prager.”

All inclusions are set to provide families with alternative media that is free from the wokeness plaguing Hollywood and mainstream content.

Many Americans love what The Daily Wire has been doing in its fight against politically correct content. And podcaster Joe Rogan even praised the conservative news media site during his interview with Daily Wire star, Gina Carano. Then he noted that Ben Shapiro, one of the organization’s founders, was “f***ing brilliant.”

“It’s very interesting because what [The Daily Wire is] doing is they’re creating a right-wing alternative to, they’re doing stand up comedy, they’re doing podcasts, they’re doing all these different things and Ben’s a pretty f***ing brilliant guy,” Rogan said. “It’s really interesting like as a business model like there is a market for that. People are tired of being spoon fed one ideology.”

It will be interesting to watch what other celebrities and big names flock towards The Daily Wire after the announcement of its latest streaming service platform.

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