The Democrats Have NO STRATEGY, Want Another Month To Figure Something Out

The Democratic Party is at a loss for how to handle President Donald Trump’s government shutdown, which reaches fourteen days in morning.

In a press conference, the stunned Democrat leaders said that they will pass some agency-opening bills in the House. But Mitch McConnell’s office has confirmed that it will not introduce any legislation that President Trump would not sign, and President Trump has made it clear that he expects $5 billion in funding for the southern border Wall.

Democrats want four weeks to wait. Maybe they want to return to their five-star vacation spots?

Here are the Democrats, followed by Republican leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise’s press conference, in which McCarthy revealed that Schumer interrupted Department of Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen in a national security briefing.

Here was the best part of the press conference, where the Democrats talked about some kind of winter wonderland involving Russia.

Here is McCarthy talking about how Schumer interrupted the female head officer of the Department of Homeland Security during a very important national security briefing regarding crisis on America’s southern border.

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