The FDA Stops Sale of Most Popular Vape

On October 12, 2023, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued marketing denial orders for 6 vaping products sold by British American Tobacco’s subsidiary RJ Reynolds Vapor Company. The Vuse Alto vape brand is the most popular e-cigarette in America and has been subject to this latest regulatory action. 

The sale of its menthol-flavored vapes was stopped after a spike in popularity of the brand among underage users. In sum, three of the products were menthol-flavored and three were mixed berry-flavored, per the FDA’s report. 

In a statement published in response to the FDA’s move, RJ Reynolds announced that it would plan to immediately launch a legal challenge to the FDA decision to prohibit the menthol-flavored Vuse Alto. Specifically, RJ Reynolds will go to court to try to secure a stay of enforcement, which would allow for the product to continue to be sold at stores nationwide. 

The FDA yet again shows why it’s such a nuisance. To be sure, vaping is bad. However, such activities should be policed by civil society and other non-state institutions. Gigantic, unaccountable bureaucracies have no business getting into people’s private affairs. 

We’ve already conceded so much ground to the Feds. Letting them gain more power gives them another avenue to abuse our freedoms.

Issues concerning drug use could still be handled by local and state governments with civil society still playing a major role in regulating such behavior.

This is a far better alternative to the Fed’s heavy-handed actions.

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