The National Association for Gun Rights Opposes UN Arms Trade Treaty at UN Meeting in Switzerland

On August 22, 2023, the National Association for Gun Rights published a list of grievances regarding the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that was discussed at the United Nations Conference of States Parties in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ruben Navarro, NAGR’s Special Representative to the UN, addressed the pro-gun organization’s list of grievances at the conference.

The complaints NAGR had about the UN treaty consisted of the following:

Gun Registries: ‘N.A.G.R is concerned with treaty language and yesterday’s discussion about ‘national gun registries.’ The keeping of a national gun registry is prohibited under US domestic law. N.A.G.R opposes gun registration, as it is a first step toward confiscating firearms.’

The Scope of the Treaty: ‘N.A.G.R. sees Article II Section H of the treaty – which extends the scope of treaty to ‘Small Arms and Light Weapons’ – as a threat to the Second Amendment rights of United States Citizens, as well as a threat to the God-given right to self-defense of all peoples.’

U.N. Disarmament efforts: ‘N.A.G.R is also concerned about United Nations disarmament efforts like the Program of Action to Irradiate Small Arms and Light Weapons (POA), therefore deeply distrusts efforts to universalize the Arms Trade Treaty.’

“The National Association for Gun Rights has opposed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty since the treaty was created in 2013,” declared Dudley Brown, President of National Association for Gun Rights. “The Treaty is a direct threat to the gun freedoms Americans enjoy and we are happy to attend the U.N. meeting to tell them what they can do with their Treaty.”

“When governments don’t trust law-abiding citizens with firearms, they disarm them, and disarming ordinary and vulnerable populations allows them to be oppressed by governments, criminals, terrorists, and violent rogue actors,” NAGR proclaimed in the statement that Navarro read at the UN conference.

On top of that, NAGR manifested its opposition to American funds and diplomats being sent to support the Treaty that the US announced its withdrawal from in 2019:

“Despite not being party to this treaty, the United States resumed contributing funds to the ATT in 2021, and has allowed diplomats to attend, participate, and boast US compliance with a treaty that it is not a party to. N.A.G.R. believes these actions need to stop.” NAGR noted in its address to the UN conference.

“We are not parties to the Treaty, we need to stop pretending that we are, and the taxpayer funds we have sent to support worldwide gun control need to be refunded,” concluded Brown.

Full-blown gun confiscation is as anti-American as it gets. So it’s small wonder why such a steadfastly globalist institution such as the UN would push such an anti-gun treaty. 

The fact of the matter is that the Second Amendment has enemies from within and without. Freedom is a rare concept on this planet and we must be prepared to defend the right to bear arms from the many diverse threats it faces on the world stage. 

Such cherished freedoms don’t just emerge out of nowhere. They’re the product of tough-minded patriots who are willing to push for these concepts and steadfastly defend them once these rights are secured.

NAGR’s address can be found here.

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