The National Rifle Association Endorses Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General 

The National Rifle Association endorsed Kansas Attorney General candidate Kris Kobach on September 13, 2022.

In an email directed to his supporters, Kobach informed them of the NRA endorsement.

One of the reasons Kobach is running for this statewide position is to defend the constitutional rights of law-abiding Kansans. He also stressed how he will use this position to stand up for gun rights in Kansas.

Overall, he is “pleased” to have received the NRA’s endorsement.

Kobach expressed his fear of the anti-gun Left’s growing momentum. He described the attacks on Second Amendment rights as “downright” scary.

The former Kansas Secretary of State noted the following dynamic that takes place after every mass shooting:

Within hours of any tragic shooting, Democrats run to microphones to attack lawful gun owners and start demanding gun control and calculating which of our gun rights they are going to give away.

One thing that worries Kobach is how the Biden regime “invents new ways they can strip law-abiding Americans of their gun rights without going through Congress.” Under Joe Biden’s despotic administration, there has been increased usage of executive orders and bureaucratic rules via the ATF to implement civilian disarmament schemes.

Kobach expects “those practices to become more common after the midterm elections.”

The former Kansas Secretary of State believes that state attorneys general are “the last line of defense against federal overreach.”

Kobach is strong on a host of issues — from gun rights to immigration. BLP has covered his recent campaign for Kansas’ open Attorney General seat.

With how brazen the federal government has become in its interventions in people’s, state and local government’s affairs, state governments will need strong leaders to stand up to the feds and re-assert the sovereignty of the states. Kris Kobach is one of the few leaders to possess the ideological priors and backbone to assume this role.

Hopefully Kansas voters do the right thing and pull the lever for Kobach for state Attorney General in the 2022 election cycle.


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