The New York Young Republican Club Urges Support of Daniel Penny Against Alvin Bragg’s Perversion of Justice

The New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC) has issued a statement urging for Republicans to support and rally around Daniel Penny, the man who is being charged for subduing a violent thug on a subway, who unfortunately died after the encounter.

The NYYRC has given a $500 contribution to Penny’s legal fund and is urging others to contribute as well.

“The New York Young Republican Club is proud to make an initial $500 contribution to the GiveSendGo campaign supporting Daniel Penny. Penny is yet another victim of Alvin Bragg’s campaign against justice,” they wrote.

“We will not be silent as Bragg builds his political credentials on the back of patriotic Americans. Democrats allow our streets to be filled with dangerous crackheads, and Penny’s prosecution underscores that New Yorkers have no right to self-defense under Bragg. It’s unacceptable,” the NYYRC continues.

“We call on all members, supporters, and Americans to advocate in Penny’s interest. Bragg’s reign of terror cannot and will not be accepted, and we must push back against Soros DAs’ attempts to destroy our nation through a perversion of justice,” they added.

Big League Politics reported on how Penny was prosecuted and arrested for pushing back against deranged mentally ill predator Jordan Neely on the subway:

Former marine Daniel Penny is now in custody, charged with second-degree manslaughter for subduing a violent thug and serial felon in the NYC subway system, who happened to die during the encounter.

It should come as no surprise that Jordan Neely, the drug-addled thug who was subdued by Penny in the subway and died, is being made into the latest martyr for the Black Lives Matter movement in their revolution against decency, law, order, civilization and good hygiene…

Big League Politics has reported on how the Black Lives Matter movement has empowered lowlifes and degenerates to inflict acts of senseless violence on victims nationwide…

You can support Penny’s legal defense fund at this link:

Penny’s case is one with existential ramifications for the future of the Republic. If he is crucified, it shows that the criminals run the streets, the rule of law has been overturned, and the likes of George Soros and other subverters have won. The NYYRC is correct for supporting Perry and urging for others to do so.

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