The Pentagon Awarded Lockheed Martin a Fat $7.8 Billion Contract Modification for F-35 Aircraft

On December 30, 2022, the United States Department awarded a $7.8 billion contract modification to Lockheed Martin Corporation for F-35 aircraft. 

“This modification adds scope to procure 127 F-35 Lot 16 aircraft,” the Pentagon declared in a statement.

According to a report by Press TV, Lockheed Martin supplied 142 F-35 fighter jets to the US and its allies in 2022, which was three more than the original production plans.

F-35 fighters are currently operating in Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine, which has exacerbated tensions between the Collective West and Russia. The US Deep State has used this conflict to boost its military presence in Eastern Europe in an effort to contain Russia. 

Per a Bloomberg report, six F-35s from the Air Forces 34th Fighter Squadron are conducting “air policing” missions from Estonia and Romania. 

The F-35 is notorious for being one of the biggest spending boondoggles that the US government has engaged in. Some estimates point to the program costing roughly $1.5 trillion when it’s all said and done — an amount that’s equivalent to the total cost of the Iraq War.   When a government embraces the mission of perpetual war and has a central bank to finance its spending largesse, any respect for fiscal restraint goes out the window. 

It bears repeating: Until nationalists take over in DC, the US will continue pursuing an interventionist foreign policy, thereby enabling boondoggles like the F-35 program to continue to turn into a massive fiscal sinkhole.

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