The Portrait of an Exploited Child Drag Queen Stripper

An informative Twitter thread, posted by Twitter user @HoneyBadgerMom, shows a sad portrait of how LGBT perverts groom a child from birth to become a drag queen stripper, gawked at by perverts for dollar bills during glorified strip shows.

“So I see an advert for a drag Queen story hour for kids at a pub in Eugene (named after Satan) promoting the attendance of an 11 year old dragon queen by the name of Vanellope. I think, “This is bad.” Send to a friend and we both start digging because something seems very off,” HoneyBadgerMom wrote.

HoneyBadgerMom went through the defenders of this satanic grooming exercise and found they were open sexual deviants:

HoneyBadgerMom showed how the depraved mother of the child drag queen set up a Venmo account so she can benefit monetarily from the sexual exploitation of her kid:

Making matters even worse, this child has a drag queen “mom” who serves as their mentor. This drag queen mentor has been charged with child sexual abuse for posting child pornography. This alleged predator has also worked with special needs children, doing God knows what to the children under their care.

Some of the horrifying pictures of this child dancing on stage for dollars and being showcased by perverts can be seen here:

“To be clear, and it took me a while of digging, Vanellope [the stage name of the child drag queen] is a biological girl,” HoneyBadgerMom wrote.

“Late last night the child’s mother logged on to the FB page and removed the name “Craving” from the daughters name. The “drag mom” mentor, that’s currently awaiting trial for child porn, goes by the Instagram handle AlwaizCravingKink,” she added. “Tell me they don’t know this is wrong.”

Twitter commentators were disgusted by the facts presented by HoneyBadgerMom.

“I don’t gaf if they know it’s wrong or not. They need to be arrested. If this is the shit they feel safe publicizing imagine what this girl’s life is like in private,” one user wrote.

“In Oregon, social services would hold a parent responsible for not allowing this. It’s truly a clown show in that state,” another user stated.

“Its because its evil entities….literally. a child is the purest form of light. Now imagine all these dark entities feeding of that child’s “pure energy”. They fooled the public half way so now you have them openingly preying on the energy they need to keep them going,” a Twitter user said.

“There is no political solution,” someone else stated.

The worst fears of the Christian Right about the LGBT movement have been realized. Now, these predators will not stop feasting on the purity of children until society rises up to stop them.

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