The Tony Blair Institute is Urging for the Introduction Digital IDs

The Tony Blair Institute, a non-profit organization designed to fight against populism, recently released a report that the United Kingdom adopt digital IDs to address the country’s present illegal immigration problems.  

According to this report, one of the reasons the UK is dealing with an illegal immigration crisis is due to the government’s failure to clamp down on a black market of agencies and employers who hire illegal aliens as a form of cheap labor. To address this problem, the TBI put forward the idea of a “digital identity verification” system. Such a system would be mandatory for all UK residents looking for work or trying to obtain government benefits.

In order to acquire the digital ID, an immigrant must demonstrate that they’ve been legally residing in the UK by providing the verification of their passport or similar documents. 

Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net observed that “all citizens would have to have a digital ID” under the TBI’s proposal.  

“The UK is an attractive destination partly because parts of our labor market are under-regulated, which means it is easier to work in the informal economy (and therefore disappear off the radar) than in countries where you must prove your right to work and reside,” the report stated.

“Common sense would suggest that this continues to represent a significant pull factor for those seeking to attempt dangerous journeys to the UK,” the TBI added. 

Macon noted the following about Blair’s flirtation with digital IDs while serving as Prime Minister: 

While he was Prime Minister, Blair proposed a similar plan, but it was abandoned when David Cameron took office due to backlash from activists, rights organizations, and security and privacy experts.

Tony Blair is a consummate globalist. During his time in office (1997-2007), Blair presided over a notable expansion in mass migration from the Third World and was an enthusiastic booster of the United State’s hegemonic foreign policy in the Middle East. One of his most lasting legacies was the transformation he made the British Labor Party go through. 

Traditionally a patriotic, pro-working class party, Labor under Blair’s tutelage became a more neoliberal party through its embrace of free trade, mass migration, political correctness, and perpetual interventions abroad. The Labor Party’s embrace of neoliberalism has alienated much of Britain’s working class and has made them prime targets for the Tories.

Even while he’s out of power, Blair is constantly scheming. British populists must always be on guard against the likes of Blair. He’s part of a rootless Anglo-American establishment that wants to dispossess the historic populations of the US and the UK. 

The best way to fight back against these people is by exposing their globalist schemes.

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