The Truckers are Winning: Two-Thirds of Canadians Now Want to End All COVID-19 Restrictions

In another piece of evidence that the patriotic trucker convoy is winning, two-thirds of all Canadians want to end all COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the government.

A survey conducted by the Maru Public Opinion for Postmedia showed that 64 percent of Canadians want all COVID-19 restrictions to end unless hospitals and intensive care units are overwhelmed with patients, which they are not at the present time.

The poll shows that respondents from Quebec rejected the restrictions the most, with 71 percent of Quebecers wanting an end to the mandates. It was 65 percent for respondents from both Alberta and Ontario while only 48 percent of British Columbia respondents, 41 percent of respondents from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and 39 percent of respondents from Atlantic Canada want the mandates to end.

John Wright, who works as executive vice president of Maru Public Opinion, said that these results are not surprising as the popularity of the restrictions have waned considerably over the past six months.

“There is a recognition that COVID is going to become a part of our lives,” he said. “As a result, people want things to start to open up and make decisions based on their own cognizance.”

Additionally, 56 percent of Canadians believe that the unvaccinated should not be coerced or otherwise pressured into submitting to the jab. The tide is turning against the technocracy among Canadians, and the freedom truckers have a lot to do with this shift in public opinion.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Canadian freedom trucker convoy is taking the world by storm:

Tucker Carlson took time on his show to discuss the trucker convoy in Canada, which he referred to as “the most successful human rights protest in a generation.” The conservative political commentator also discussed the incompetency of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other leaders throughout the pandemic as well as their lack of ability to work with common people, particularly the working-class.

During the segment, Tucker also theorized that one reason many Democrat politicians in the United States have abruptly started dropping some restrictions is that they see what is going on in Canada and fear that Americans may draw similar inspiration.

“We still think it’s probably pretty true, but it’s also clear, as of tonight, that there is another explanation for this. Democrats in this country are looking north to their friends in the ruling party of Canada, and what they see there scares them. Canada’s working class has finally rebelled after years of relentless abuse.”

Carlson also stated that “the Canadian trucker convoy is the single most successful human rights protest in a generation,” explaining that “if nothing else, it has been a very useful reminder to our entitled ruling class that working-class men can be pushed, but only so far. When they push back, it hurts. It turns out that truck drivers are more important to a country’s future than, say, diversity consultants, or even MSNBC contributors. Who knew? The White House has no interest in knowing. According to the Associated Press tonight, the Biden administration is ‘urging the Trudeau government’ to ‘use its federal powers to stop this protest, to end the truckers’ protest.’”

“In other words, crush them by force.”

Tucker then pointed out that the aforementioned convoy has inspired a soon-to-start American truck convoy set to enter Washington, DC on March 5th:

“In that vein, tonight a group of American truckers announced they will begin a nationwide truck convoy in this country starting next month in protest against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. That rally will begin in southern California on March 5th and then it will progress eastward, by truck, to Washington DC.”

The world is realizing the blueprint for bringing the COVID-19 nightmare to an end. Power to the people. Honk, honk!

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