The UK is Ready to Build Weapons With Ukraine

On February 12, 2023,  British media outlet The Telegraph reported that British defensive industry executives discussed plans with Ukrainian counterparts to establish joint enterprises to produce weapons and vehicles locally in Ukraine. 

Other European countries are also interested in setting up such ventures. Though, per the Telegraph report, the British are “at the front of the queue.”

The report added that any joint enterprise between a British defense manufacturer and Ukraine would likely need the UK government’s approval and such a move would only infuriate the Russians.

On February 8, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to London and Paris to beg for more Western weapons, which includes modern fighter jets and heavy long-range missile and artillery systems. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said to him that “nothing is off the table” with regards to supplying Ukraine with jets to stave off Russian advances.

The Russian Embassy in Britain previously warned that any delivery of British jets to Ukraine would have grave military and political consequences. 

The Zelensky regime has been loudly clamoring for the delivery of fighter jets and long-range weapons from European allies, arguing that these weapons systems are needed to defend Ukraine against Russian forces, who are reportedly preparing for a spring offensive.

Sunak has already vowed to have his government help train Ukrainian pilots to fly advanced NATO fighter aircraft.

Even well into the 21st century, the UK’s geopolitical stratagems have largely stayed the same. It’s principally been focused on creating a divide-and-rule environment in Europe. One of the ways British geopolitical strategists would do that is by separating Russia from the European political system. 

All told, the US should not follow any of the UK’s geopolitical machinations and pursue a more restrained foreign policy that’s more focused with Western Hemispheric affairs. 

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