The United States and its NATO Satrapies are Expediting Weapons Transfers to Ukraine

According to a report by Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter at the Libertarian Institute, the United States and its subjects in NATO are expediting the transfer of anti-drone technology, weapons, and warm clothing to Ukraine in order to get the embattled country ready for a harsh winter. 

An anonymous Western source told reporters that NATO has already started supplying the Ukrainians with winter gear, declaring that “The Ukrainians are on their front foot, and they certainly feel prepared for the winter campaign.” The source added that the foreign aid is currently “very much [focused on] the winter.”

Despite the snowy, icy, and muddy conditions that could potentially bog down troop movements, leading officials believe Ukraine can still launch counter-offensives to take back territory that Russia has captured despite the harsh winter conditions they’ll be facing. 

“I expect that Ukraine will continue to do everything it can throughout the winter to regain its territory and to be effective on the battlefield,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently said during a meeting in Brussels last week.

Ukraine was able to launch a successful counter-offensive in the Kharkov region and has tried to maintain pressure in the Kherson region as well. 

The Russian Federation recently annexed four regions of Ukraine via controversial referendums, which has added a new dimension of tension to this conflict. Given that Russia considers these territories as sovereign, Russia has promised to deploy the full might of its military arsenal in the case these areas face existential threats.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is also optimistic about Ukraine’s chances of making progress against Russia. 

“Our task is to enable them to also be able to conduct meaningful operations throughout the winter and continue to supply them with everything from fuel, winter clothing, tents to advanced weapons systems,” he declared. 

Since Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the US government has dumped roughly $70 billion in military aid into Ukraine, while providing the country significant amounts of intelligence in its fight against Russia. 

It’s become abundantly clear that NATO is a co-belligerent in this conflict through its constant provisioning of military aid, intelligence, and economic sanctioning. If the US were wise, it would withdraw from NATO ASAP and let Europe manage its own geopolitical affairs. The constant saber-rattling will only lead to more unnecessary suffering and could potentially make this conflict go nuclear. 

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