The United States Gov May End Up Sending F-16s to Ukraine

During an interview on CNN on July 7, 2023, United States National Security Council Communications Coordinator John Kirby revealed that the F-16 fighter jets were never meant to be sent for the Ukrainian counteroffensive. However, he stressed that the aircraft can still be sent to Ukraine before the conflict wraps up.

“The F-16s were never intended to be a counteroffensive weapon. Now we’ll see where the things go. Hopefully, this war could be concluded much quicker. But, in case that it’s not, we’ll get them the F-16s, we’ll get them as soon as possible,” he stated.

Sending F-16s to Ukraine will not change the outcome of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. After all, Russia enjoys escalatory dominance in this combat theater and can summon more firepower and manpower to crush the Ukrainian military. No amount of military aid will change this cold, hard, and unbearable truth. 

Moreover, the more aid that’s sent to Ukraine will likely motivate Russia to pursue more maximalist aims that will result in the likely destruction of the entire Ukrainian state and a de facto East-West partition of the country, where the Russian-speaking eastern portion of Ukraine will likely fall under Moscow’s direct control.

Sadly, DC foreign policy decisionmakers don’t understand the gravity of their actions and will only continue this disastrous proxy war much to the detriment of the Ukrainian population.

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