The United States is Pushing for a Color Revolution Against Hungary

Hungarian civil society group Tűzfalcsoprt (Firewall Group) argues that there is a significant amount of United States-funded journalism organizations and training courses used to prop up left-wing opposition news organizations in the country. 

Telex is a foreign-funded media outlet that recently unveiled a training program bankrolled by the US government titled Telex Academy. This program is ostensibly used to train the youth and teachers about “independent” journalism. According to John Cody of Remix News, three Hungarian journalists who work for opposition media outlets are leading the Telex Academy. 

Per a report by Magyar Nemzet, the Hungarians have been shocked by the level of US interference in Hungarian media affairs. The news outlet observed that the US is arguably the world’s premier power. By virtue of its pre-imminent geopolitical and geoeconomic status, the US has been able to exert an alarming amount of cultural, economic and political influence in Hungary. Some of the US Deep State’s operations consist of donating millions to several opposition campaigns. Most prominent is the US regime’s hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to leftist newspaper Telex. Magyar Nemzet argues that Telex’s values are antithetical to traditional Hungarian values and national priorities. 

Hungarian security agencies have already discovered that NGOs bankrolled by billionaire oligarch George Soros in addition to US state and state-connected organizations were implicated in funding the opposition’s election campaign in 2022. Viktor Orban’s Fidesz Party was able to successfully stave off these efforts during the 2022 parliamentary elections. Hungarian intelligence was able to determine that the US-based Action for Democracy organization sponsored the opposition “Mindenki Magyarországa” campaign. The organization served as a front for Hungarian opposition parties and received a total of over 3 billion forints (€8.4 million) from Western donors.

The Firewall Group’s blog claims that the Telex Academy was set up as part of an initiative of the Independent Journalism Foundation (IJF), which is based in New York and was established by James L. Greenfield, a former New York Times editor. Per Firewall Group’s research, IJF has 10 main international sponsors, which includes the Coca-Cola company and the European Union.

The other key donor to the Telex Academy is the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which is a US government agency. Magyar Nemzet reported that USAID announced in 2022 that it would back press media outlets connected with the Hungary opposition with copious amounts of funds.

All in all, the level of US influence in Hungary is indicative of a move to foment a color revolution in Hungary. Hungary’s nationalist government has been in the globalists’ crosshairs for some time. Its devotion to family values, strong borders, demographic stability, and an independent foreign policy makes it an easy target for the DC foreign policy blob and NGO industrial complex. 

With a strong leader like Orban at the helm, Hungary appears to be safe from external interference. Nevertheless, the country must be ready for whatever the globalist cabal throws at it. These people never rest.

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