The United States is Still the Country Providing the Most Military Aid to Ukraine

From February 24, 2022 up until early October, the United States government has allocated over 52 billion euros in financial, humanitarian, and military aid to Ukraine since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine. 

According to a Statista report, the US has provided the most aid to Ukraine of all countries in the Collective West. 

EU entities (16.2 billion euros), the UK (6.7 billion euros), Germany (3.3 billion euros) and Canada (3 billion euros) are the most prominent countries and institutions that have also sent significant aid to Ukraine. 

Christoph Trebesch, the Kiel Institute for The World Economy, said the following:

“The U.S. is now committing nearly twice as much as all EU countries and institutions combined. This is a meager showing for the bigger European countries, especially since many of their pledges are arriving in Ukraine with long delays. The low volume of new commitments in the summer now appears to be continuing systematically.”

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge observed how the US may have sent the most aid to Ukraine, but on a percentage basis in terms of its GDP, it lags behind other Eastern European countries:

Despite these figures being comparatively low to the U.S., when considering bilateral aid in terms of a percentage of GDP, several European countries come out on top with Latvia (0.9 percent), Estonia (0.8 percent) and Poland (0.5 percent) as the most generous donors.

The U.S. then ranks eighth, as it provides 0.2 percent of its GDP..

Ultimately, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is an intrinsically.European conflict that should be decided by Russia, Ukraine, and other relevant European actors. The US should completely stay out of it. 

Unfortunately, the US and its EU and NATO satrapies helped create the conditions for this present conflict by expanding NATO and trying to transform Ukraine into a hostile, anti-Russia project that Russia would not tolerate on its border. America and the broader West desperately need new leadership in foreign affairs. If the neocon/neoliberal consensus continues apace, the West could find itself on the losing end of a devastating great power war that it will likely not recover from.

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