The World Economic Forum is Calling for an Equitable “Democratization” of Stock Markets

In a recently published video by the World Economic Forum, the globalist organization declared that “Talent and intellect are equally distributed, opportunity is not.” The main goal outlined in this video is the need for a more “democratized” stock market. 

This is just the latest scheme that globalist institutions are pushing in order to establish a thoroughly technocratic economic order. It’s part of a broader push that accompanies the ESG movement that’s engulfing major corporations and western governments worldwide. Instead of focusing on providing high-level goods and services, these companies are constantly promoting anti-racism, LGBT, or other leftist causes much to the annoyance of their consumers and to the detriment of the country’s broader economic health. 

The fact is that humans are created unequally. It’s undeniable facet of human life. They have different talents and aptitudes which are generally expressed in the marketplace. This is a good thing. It’s what creates untold amounts of wealth and innovation. 

When government intervention steps in to promote equality, it stifles market innovation and consequently makes us poorer. If we want unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, the WEF’s economic advice must be ignored. 

Instead, Western countries must embrace free markets by downsizing regulatory states and abolishing central banks.

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