They’re Doing A “Dave Chappelle” To Kanye

Kanye West is facing a similar situation in the mainstream media to Dave Chappelle, the comedian who walked out of his $50 million Comedy Central contract to travel to Africa.

The daytime women’s empowerment hosts on corporate broadcast networks are straining to paint Kanye West as mentally ill because he has freed himself of liberal chains and embraced the excellence of President Donald Trump.

Kanye West’s transformational thought-breakout is inspiring Trump supporters around the country and the world, and emboldening new conservatives and free-thinking people to speak out.

But on Wednesday’s “The Talk,” on CBS, the hosts viciously smeared Kanye West, with one of the pabulum-spewers choking out crocodile tears in front of her brain-dead audience to convince Kanye to get help.

Sheryl Underwood said that Kanye West “looks like a man in crisis” and “a train wreck” and compared him to Peter Finch’s character in Network as the other hostesses pretended to be concerned about his mental health. The host Julie Chen asked if Kanye being “off his meds” is an excuse for the things he’s said, including that slavery was a choice and that we can now break out of our mental prisons and embrace higher consciousness.

Where did this mental illness narrative start? In the Fake News Washington Post, of course, in Molly Robert’s hit piece on Kanye calling him an “alt-right darling”: “It’s easy to cast West as just another lost man seduced by the far right’s promise to provide a sense of purpose. All that pseudo-philosophy does suggest a preoccupation with the sort of existential problems figures such as psychologist Jordan Peterson, who has become a surprise lifestyle guru, claim they can solve. It’s also possible to connect West’s eccentric behavior on Twitter — this isn’t the first time his forays into politics have discomfited some fans — to the mental-health struggles that led to his 2017 hospitalization.”

This is the same tactic they used on Dave Chappelle. Here’s Chappelle’s fellow comedian Katt Williams explaining the bargain they gave to Chappelle, whereby media executives told him that they would smear him as a crackhead during contract negotiations.



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