This Florida Sex Offender Has Been Arrested Four Different Times for Impersonating a Police Officer

A Florida police impersonator has been arrested three different times in the past year for impersonating a cop, having already been convicted of such an offense in 2001.

Jeremy Dewitte owns and operates a funeral escort business in Central Florida, becoming something of a public enemy in the Orlando area for his confrontational and dangerous presence on the area’s roads and highways. Dewitte regularly berates motorists, shuts down intersections, and violates traffic laws during his funeral escorts. Body camera footage of Dewitte’s escapades have been released to the public, having been registered as evidence in the prosecution against him.

Dewitte carries a BB gun during his funeral escorts. He’s unable to carry a real firearm owing to his 2003 conviction of lewd and lascivious battery against a minor, which qualifies him as a sex offender.

Dewitte’s first recent arrest occurred in September. Since then, the owner and operator of Metro State Services has been arrested two other times for impersonating a police officer during funeral escort services, during which he appears wearing a police-like uniform, flanked by his own private feet of pseudo-emergency vehicles with orange and purple flashing lights.

Dewitte was first originally convicted of impersonating a police officer in 2001, when he was 18 years old.

Dewitte’s impersonation isn’t limited to law enforcement, as well. The convicted sex offender has falsely claimed to have served in the Army, claiming he “jumped into Fallujah” during the Iraq War in 2004. He was never actually in the military.

This liar should be considered dangerous, and residents of Central Florida are urged to exercise extreme caution if they encounter one of his high-risk escorts.

Dewitte is awaiting trial for impersonating an officer, interception of oral communications, resisting without violence and unlawful use of a two-way communication device, having been charged with failing to register as a sex offender in the meantime.

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